Preparing Your Home for Sale

Preparing Your Home for Sale – Once you have decided to sell your home, there are several things to do before it can go on the market. The goal is to present the home in such a way that the perspective buyer can envision it as their new home. 

Disassociate from the House

One of the hardest parts of preparing a home for sale is to separate emotionally from the house. Remind yourself that it is not the house itself that creates the home, but the people in the house, and the memories made there. These will be going with you.

Declutter Your Home

For a buyer to envision your house as their new home, they need to feel as if the space is large enough for everything they will be bringing into the home. A room looks larger with less in it, making decluttering an important task in preparing your house for market. Decluttering is your head-start on packing for your move. Start with the areas that buyers typically focus on in a home: kitchen, bathrooms, and storage areas.

Depersonalize Your Home

It is hard to see a home as your own if there are pictures of strangers on the wall, trophies on the mantle, and bright colors that do not match your taste. Make the first thing you pack include all family pictures, diplomas, and collections. Paint that bright-colored room a more neutral color. Remove any furniture or décor designed to make a statement. This will also help you to disassociate from your home, making it easier to declutter other areas as well.

Remove Half of Your Belongings

Go room-to-room and pack, donate, or sale half of everything in the room; everything you do not need before the move. Store as much furniture as necessary to create an easy flow withing each room. Temporarily limit your wardrobe and the children’s toys.

Declutter Storage Areas

While we expect guests to not care how our closet looks, the same is not true with potential buyers. Buyers will want to know how much space they will have if they purchase your home: kitchen cabinets, pantry, medicine cabinet, and closets.

  • Use bins and baskets to organize everything that you cannot yet pack
  • Empty your pantry or cupboards as much as possible before buying groceries
  • Use drawer organizers for any items needed before you move.

Make Necessary Repairs

While any repair that causes a hazard or interferes with everyday living should be addressed, most homes will need less-intensive repairs that typically get overlooked until it is time to sell. These repairs can include:

  • Repairing nail holes and dents in walls
  • Painting
  • Fixing squeaky doors and sticking windows
  • Replacing hinges and handles on drawers and cabinets
  • Landscaping, driveway, and patio
  • Deep cleaning your entire home

As you prepare your house for sale, try to see the outside and each room inside through the eyes of a buyer. Call the Brandon and Audrey Team for fresh eyes and when you are ready to sell.