Who pays closing costs when a house is bought/sold?

Brandon Krupala: “Hi everyone, my name is Brandon.” 

Audrey Krupala: “And I’m Audrey.”

Brandon Krupala: “And we’re the Brandon and Audrey Team. We wanted to make this video to answer some questions we commonly get within our real estate business.”

Do Realtors Get Commission on a For-Sale-by-Owner?

Audrey Krupala: “We as the realtor can definitely step in and contact that owner directly for our buyer. And so, what we do, is we can get their information because they are selling it themselves. We get their information online and can call them and basically ask the seller if they would be willing to pay our commission if we were to bring them an acceptable offer on their property.”

“But if the owner does say, ‘No,’ it can go to where we have to ask the buyer, ‘Would you be willing to pay a commission in order to represent you through that process?’ And so, given that scenario, sometimes a buyer will just say, No, you know, let’s keep looking.’ Again, there are a lot of for sale-by-owners out there. But, generally most of the time, a for-sale-by-owner may end up turning to a realtor to have them list the property because there are so many ins-and-outs of selling a house. So we can find a way to make it work usually if the buyer does want to pursue that avenue. 


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