When can a property not be listed?

Brandon Krupala  
Hi everyone. My name is Brandon.

Audrey Krupala
And I’m Audrey.

And we’re the Brandon and Audrey team. We wanted to make this video to answer some questions we commonly get within our real estate business

Brandon Krupala
What would make a house unlistenable, to me, would be if the house is tied up in some sort of issue with the court. Let’s say someone owns it and dies without a will, and they have heirs involved. If it’s not very clear on who inherits the property or who has the legal ability to sell it, I would let the courts figure that out and once they have the ability to say “I’m the owner, I have the authority to sell it,” then we can sell it. Another thing that might make it extremely difficult, is if the seller is way behind on their mortgage. They haven’t made their payments. They’re in default of the loan. They may be trying to sell it to salvage something, but foreclosure is knocking on the door. In those cases, we will often try to get them to sell it but if the foreclosure process is too far in, it will be unsellable for us for the time being (until the foreclosure process is complete). At that point, the bank will go ahead and try to auction the property or try to sell it on the open market as a pleasure.


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