What is the first step to do when you want to list a house?

Brandon Krupala: “Hi everyone, my name is Brandon.”

Audrey Krupala: “And I’m Audrey.”

Brandon Krupala: “And we’re the Brandon and Audrey Team. We wanted to make this video to answer some questions we commonly get within our real estate business.”

What is the first step to do when you want to list a house?

Audrey Krupala: “So the first step for a seller, when they’re thinking about potentially listing their home, would be to do some research on finding the right realtor to help you through that process. Whether that be consulting some friends or looking online to try to find somebody that has good reviews and has sold a lot of properties. That’s definitely step one. And then step two, obviously, is to make contact with that realtor, and then we step in and can help take it from there.”


Brandon & Audrey are husband and wife and work as a successful real estate team with almost 20 years of combined experience. They each have a unique set of skills that complement the other’s so that their clients in Harlingen, South Padre Island, Brownsville, elsewhere in Cameron County, as well as McAllen, Edinburg, Mission, Weslaco, Mercedes, and other RGV cities get the best real estate service in the Valley.