One-of-a-Kind! Check out this LOVELY HOME with POOL and Guest House! 2918 N Shary Rd. Mission Texas

Audrey Krupala 
Hey everybody, this is Audrey! Welcome to 2918 North Shary Road. Today I’m going to be taking ya’ll through this beautiful home, showing you all the features that we have.

This house is truly one of a kind I’m so excited to take you all through today and show you every awesome details of this house has. So, when you come in here, this is a wonderful sitting area and you can just see everything is so well done. All the finishes in this home, there is just such attention to detail. I would love to also point out that there are mesquite floors that run throughout this entire house. Now that is something extremely rare. I don’t see that a whole lot in homes but these floors are extremely durable. As you can see they are just beautiful and again they run throughout the whole house.

So next I’m going to take you through the kitchen of this home. And as you can see, you have beautiful granite countertops. There’s this awesome island that is right here which leads off to the gas cooktop over there. So perfect place for cooking. Everything is just so well set up in this kitchen. You have lots of counterspace, there’s a ton of cabinet space, an in addition to that, you also have a wonderful walk in pantry over there. You have microwave, an oven, all kinds of wonderful things in this kitchen. And you have a great breakfast nook over here if you have kiddos or family members. You can cook your meals and then you can also have them over here in this section.

So now, we are in one of the bedrooms. And this home offers so much living square footage; as you can see over here, this is a king-sized bed and there is still a ton of space in this room. So if you have kiddos, if you have family members, or if you needed to put multiple beds, there’s lots of furniture in this room. This bedroom also has its own bathroom and walk-in closet.

So next we’re walking into the family room. And this is such a great room again there’s so much detail in this home and as you can see here, this is a mesquite mantel that was custom made for the house. This is a wood burning fireplace. Now we are in deep South Texas but we do have a couple days out of the year that you might be able to use that. So this space is just really really cool. As you can see, you can set up a big sectional here. It’s just a great place and an awesome thing is that it also leads right out to the pool.

Welcome to the pool house. This pool house is equipped with its own kitchen and refrigerator. Right off these doors. Over here you have the sparkling pool. Once you’re done swimming in the pool, I want you to notice that these floors you do not slip on these. So if you’re wet if your kiddos are wet, you can come in you can get water on these floors and clean it right up. This space is also the perfect space to host family and friends and just enjoy your time together. Now we’re in the master bedroom and I can promise you once you step foot inside this room, you’re never gonna want to leave.