Who pays closing costs when a house is bought/sold?

Brandon Krupala: “Hi everyone, my name is Brandon.”

Audrey Krupala: “And I’m Audrey.”

Brandon Krupala: “And we’re the Brandon and Audrey Team. We wanted to make this video to answer some questions we commonly get within our real estate business.”

Who pays the closing costs when a house is bought/sold?

Brandon Krupala: “At the end of the sale, closing costs are a common topic we talk about and who pays it. Most of the time, the seller pays the majority of the closing costs, in terms of realtor commissions. Now a buyer has closing costs as well. So we always say, ‘You have a buyers closing costs and you have seller closing costs.’

 The bulk of seller closing costs is involved with commissions to the realtors. The bulk of the buyer’s closing costs deals with prepaids. Which would be prepaid taxes, prepaid insurance, and also any origination fees associated with the loan. Oftentimes, in a non-competitive market, a buyer can actually ask the seller to pay those closing costs. But, in a very competitive market, like we’re in, it is not good to ask the seller to pay the buyer’s side at closing costs because it makes your offer less desirable to the seller.” 


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