B&A TEAM Brandon Testimonial

Marcos A. Arona
Well Brandon has done for me a lot of things. First of all, his friendship. I will not consider him just a friend but also like a family member. So for me, Brandon has been spectacular in every way. My experience with Brandon in purchasing and selling has be wonderful. Anytime I need him, he will answer the phone. He has always been informative. All the paperwork on time. Never been late. He’s always there for me.

Marcos A. Arona
I needed somebody to go and look for a property. He will enter right away. “Hey, I can do it for you. No problem.” He went out there. He looked at the property. He sent me pictures, he sent me videos, and he even recommended some. “Man, this is for you.” And definitely I just bought it. I just got it. And I’ve been very happy with the property that I just got. Everybody, if you guys are looking for a realtor called Brandon. He will go over and beyond what your needs are. Can be anything from the house to a business. He will always be there for you and he will take you all the way, step by step, to the end. He will go hand in hand with you


Brandon & Audrey are husband and wife and work as a successful real estate team with almost 20 years of combined experience. They each have a unique set of skills that complement the other’s so that their clients in Harlingen, South Padre Island, Brownsville, elsewhere in Cameron County, as well as McAllen, Edinburg, Mission, Weslaco, Mercedes, and other RGV cities get the best real estate service in the Valley.