About Brandon & Audrey


How did you get your career started in Real Estate?

Brandon Krupala: “So I got into real estate right after college. I had just graduated from Texas A&M and my mom suggested, ‘Hey, why don’t you get your real estate license.’ So I got my real estate license, moved back down to the Valley, and haven’t looked back since.”

Audrey Krupala: “Brandon was in real estate a lot longer before I was. I was actually a school psychologist before I got into real estate. And that was awesome. But he was in real estate and I thought, ‘Well, that looks like a pretty fun job. I think I can do that. I think I’d be good at that.’ And, you know, he supported me and I got my real estate license. And six years later, I haven’t looked back either. It’s been awesome. And we love getting to work together.”


Do your clients know you are a husband and wife team? 

Brandon Krupala: “Most of our clients know that we’re a husband and wife team. And if they don’t, they’ll find out when we get there. And oftentimes, they just want to see a house and they just need a question answered. And both of us are more than capable of doing it. And with the way the market is, the fast-moving nature of it, houses come on the market and often will sell in a day or two. So as far as responsibility, if we’re serving our clients well, we want to get them in there to be able to make a decision on something.”

Do you enjoy working as a team?

Brandon Krupala: “We love it. I mean, it’s who we are. It’s what we do. And it’s nice to be able to share another dynamic of my life with my wife, and, and her with me.”

Audrey Krupala: “It’s really awesome. Just being able to, you know, really share all aspects of our life, we mesh really well together.”

How do you go about selling a house to a client? 

Audrey Krupala: “Brandon and I both understand that buying a house is, oftentimes, the biggest purchase you’ll ever make in your life. Your home is your safe place. It’s a place where you spend the majority of your time. And so we just want to make that process smooth. And you know, as stress-free as possible. And so that’s, that’s our goal.”

Brandon Krupala: “You’re going to find out that working with us is often going to be fun. It’s a stressful experience for most people, but we try to take that stress out of it.” 


What is your business goal? 

Audrey Krupala: “So if you’re thinking about buying or selling, Brandon and I, we would love to talk to you so we can help give you some tips on the process and get you going in the right direction.”


Brandon Krupala: “We just want to be a resource for you. To help you make a wise decision on whatever you have or whatever you thinking about buying. Because ultimately, we’re small-town people who were born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley. We love the culture. That’s why we live here.”


Audrey Krupala: “There’s no question that’s too simple. We always want people to feel like they can reach out to us for anything at all. Even if it’s a good restaurant, you know, we love this community. We love this place. It’s a wonderful place to raise a family. It’s a wonderful place to be a married couple and just so much opportunity here and it’s growing. It’s growing so fast, and we’re happy about that. We want to welcome new people in and get them acclimated to the RGV.” 



Brandon & Audrey are husband and wife and work as a successful real estate team with almost 20 years of combined experience. They each have a unique set of skills that complement the other’s so that their clients in Harlingen, South Padre Island, Brownsville, elsewhere in Cameron County, as well as McAllen, Edinburg, Mission, Weslaco, Mercedes, and other RGV cities get the best real estate service in the Valley.